Saturday, February 2, 2008

Out The Rat Race Whit CashFlow Game

Are you ready to move past your money problems and create lasting wealth? Are you tired of being in the same financial situation year after year?

Robert calls it “Being in the Rat Race.”
If you want to find a way out of the rat race, then you are in the right place. Robert Kiyosaki has been teaching people how to create real wealth for more than 16 years.

He has written four international best-selling books -- "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" has sold more than 1 million copies. Robert has taught wealth building classes all over the world.

He’s been on Oprah, written up in People magazine, praised by Business Week, The New Times, The Wall Street Journal, and many other national, regional, and local publications.

Robert is on a mission to help people realize their financial dreams and give them the tools to achieve those dreams. His help is available right here, right now!

You can learn from him the secrets of the rich. You can learn how to put his personal strategies, his well-earned insights, and his financial principles to work for you TODAY!

Let Robert Be Your Teacher
Robert can come into your home through his books, tapes, and games, to be your personal teacher so you can live your dreams. It is possible for you, right now, to:

* Live free from financial stress,
* Generate the cash flow that would give you the freedom to live the life of your dreams,
* Have the wealth that you desire for youself and those that you love.

All you need is to know how - and Robert will show you the way.

Now YOU Can Get Out of the Rat Race
By playing Robert Kiyosaki's popular CASHFLOW 101 game!

Learn why the idea of creating wealth by building assets (by having a home, car, clothes and jewelry) is a myth and how one simple shift in your thinking can change your financial life. Learn the secrets of cash flow and how to never worry about money again. Learn how to achieve your dreams, how to stop the financial "bleeding", how to become financially secure, and how to get out of the rat race forever.

This board game will transform the "money mind-set" of anyone who plays, whether they are new to financial information, or seasoned investors.

"I am an adjunct instructor in the Entrepreneurship Program at the University of Arizona and have been looking for educational materials that would give my students practical, simulated experience on how cash flow actually works in real life situations. CASHFLOW 101 is the only educational tool/game I've found that REALLY demonstrates the effect and interconnections that a single decision can and will have on your balance sheet and income statement. I've played this game with a number of my students and they have told me that they finally 'get it' when they make a buy/sell decision on the game board and then have to make numerous adjustments to their balance sheet and income statement."

"Wow! A picture is worth a thousand words! This game is an absolute must for business students at all levels! In fact it is an absolute must for anyone who plans to live longer than the next 24 hours!"

Carolita Oliveros, Lawyer and Adjunct Professor
Entrepreneurship Program, University of Arizona

This may be the most important purchase that you will make this year. Truly it will change your life and the lives of those that you love. If you only make one purchase for your family this holiday, get this game and play it often!

Like Kiyosaki says, “The more you play the game the richer you become.

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Want to Really Rev Up Your Cash Flow?
What would you do if the economy turned down? Are you prepared with the knowledge on how to take advantage of a falling or volatile market?

We all know that success is a journey and not a destination. We also know that no matter how much we learn there are always other secrets, shortcuts and insider information that can make us money even more quickly if we only understood the process and how to do it! Right?

Now you can order the Advanced version of CASHFLOW 101, CASHFLOW 202, which will teach you all those secrets and specific techniques that professional investors use to make money in markets that are volatile and even falling. Did you know that you can make more money on the way down? This game will show you how!

You must have CASHFLOW 101 to play this advanced and highly professional version. In addition to advanced playing cards and worksheets, you get the three audio tape series, Information for Business Owner's and Investors (worth the price of the entire program), and a video tape, Choose Your Path to Financial Freedom. This is an exciting and fun game. Use this program to sharpen your skills for the uncertain economic times to come.

"Any investor can make money when markets are going up…. Real investors make most of their money when markets are going down." Now learn the insider’s secrets to huge stock market profits and other techniques to prosper no matter what the market is doing, whether it is up or down.

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